Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Sewing Space I know I have been absent for a long time!
 I have been working and focusing on my blog with Heather. I have recently started sewing again after a pretty long break and I have decided that I want to re-open my Etsy store and start selling some pre-made stuff in there again.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get rid of the Boutique part of my name. As you can see I am now Pink Punk Threads.  I wanted something that was a little different, but I wanted to keep the Pink Punk since I have used that for so long.  I am working on some new things to stock up my store right now.  It will all be ready to ship items.  I will no longer do any custom work.  I just don't have the time and frankly, after a pretty bad experience where I was taken advantage of by a customer I just don't want to do custom work.  I will also only be shipping in the US.

So, my sewing stuff has been packed away for almost a year now and I wanted to have a space where I can get to it whenever the urge to sew hits me.  I have spent the last week setting up my new sewing space and I just love it so far!

I love having my own desk!  I have my Janome set up and I keep my laptop there so I can listen to music or check pinterest, etc...  I also love that I have drawers to put all my thread and stuff  in.  I will have to take pictures of those soon.  The shelves came from my sister in exchange for a quilt that I made her.  It was a kit from Moda and it turned out really nice. As soon as she takes  a picture of the finished quilt I will post it.  I decided to go with plastic shoe boxes from Home Depot for all my smaller cuts of fabric. I organized according to color and I like that they won't get dusty and I don't have to worry about the stacks falling over!  On the top shelf I have my bigger cuts wrapped on comic book boards, then I have even bigger cuts just folded and stacked. The little basket on the 3rd shelf has a couple of quilt kits and a table runner kit.  The big apothecary jars on top are from Walmart and they are full of zippers and ribbon spools.

This smaller shelf is just next to my back door.  On it I have some jelly rolls and FQ sets in the shelf on top.  The top shelves have more FG sets, my home made magazine holders and a cute zipper bag that Heather made for me.  It's filled with all my hexie making supplies and finished hexies from swaps.  The 2nd shelf hold my WIP's and a couple of kraft bags with bit's of interfacing and odds and ends.  The bottom shelf hold my box for scraps, boxes of ribbon (left from my scrapbooking days) and big cuts of flannel for backings.

The box on the bottom and the magazine holder boxes I made with USPS priority boxes.I covered them with kraft wrapping paper that I picked up at Dollar Tree for $1 a roll.  I also made a big "magazine holder" style box to set at the end of my desk to hold my big ruler, peltex and  rolls of interfacing.  I did make quite a mess with the spray glue though!  It's lovely to make things that are useful out of things I have around the house and I have an overabundance of USPS boxes to use for things like this. Pinterest is a wonderful tool for these types of projects.

Now that I have my space all set up I am going to start working on things to fill up my store.  I am open for suggestions as to the types of items you would like to see me list.  I am also going to be venturing wider than just bags and little accessories.  I am thinking quilted wall hangings, Pillow covers, kitchen accessories, etc... Maybe even some patterns for some of my smaller Pink Punk Bags. 

Let me know what you would like to see in my store!

xoxo, Shelly  

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  1. I love your sewing space! Your fabric stashes look so organized. Can't wait to see all the awesomeness you make in here.



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